Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Daily Thoughts -Day 1

There are times in our lives where a calm understanding comes over you. It is like a transition has occurred and you can make it out, but only barely.
There are times when these moments though calm, quiet, and difficult to notice, have profound and permanent impressions on us.

In these moments we tend to become nervous. We seek distraction from all areas of our lives attempting to forget what may have triggered it. Or, we fight the change clinging to the old way of thinking or acting and become unjustifiably bitter towards the people in our lives that only seek to help and love us.

Change, it can be terrifying, enraging, justifying, explanatory,  exciting.

I love my wife, daughter, family, friends, co-workers and so on. I loved the life I had before my disease. But, the strength this has shown me. The strength I have found within myself when I thought I had none. The fight I found to make it through to see my wife, daughter no matter the outcome. Just the ability to hear my daughter laugh, and my wife scold me for acting like a child. No matter if I was in a wheelchair, or confined to a bed unable to do more than blink and smile, or if I am standing with crutches and splints.

And yet those moments moved through my life as if they never happened. As if they were a breeze through the trees doing nothing more than changing the leaves and leaving a cool spring aroma in the air. The life I have now fits. It feels right, no matter how unfair it seems. And when I could stop distracting myself, and I could stop blaming people and things, and really revel in what I now have.

I embrace the moment, and I prepare for the future, whatever it may be. And I am happy that I have everyone in my life that I now do. I love my family more than I can even understand to explain. I am am prepared for the days ahead.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Getting back on posting, Happy Easter

Im sorry for not posting in the last few weeks. Ive been extremely busy catching back up with everything in normal everyday life. I.start going back to work this coming week.

Happy Easter to all those who practice it. And to everyone else, I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are ready for a new week filled with new opportunities.